Ukrainian Cities Are Being Destroyed

Millions Face Hardship

Entire neighborhoods are wiped out

Ukrainian Children Are in Peril

Our Mission
Our Mission

Our mission is to help victims of war in Ukraine who experience hardship and destruction caused by Russian aggression.

Our Goal

Our goal is to deliver aid to orphans, destroyed families and injured civilians who will carry the scars of war for the rest of their lives.

Our Focus

We focus on assisting the victims of war with rehabilitation, housing, education and basic needs.

Ukraine Needs Your Help

The battle for Ukrainian freedom began in the early morning hours of February 24, 2022 when Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his cowardly campaign against his sovereign neighbor nation. His goal is to destroy Ukrainian independence, culture and national identity. Little did he know that he was about to face his toughest and most formidable opponent, the Ukrainian people. The cost of freedom is high. Many Ukrainians lost their loved ones, were displaced from their homes and are suffering great hardship. They need your help.

The devastation is inhumane
Countless families have been driven from their home
City of Borodyank
Polish boarder crossing
Elderly Population Suffering
Russian rocket strikes
Kids without homes
Cities on fire
Families are being separated
Residential areas being bombed
City of Zhytomyr
Millions are facing uncertainty
Neighborhoods on fire
Civilian casualties

Watch the video "The Devastation of War" for a view of the inhuman destruction of Ukraine.
How We Are Different

Most existing charitable organizations focus on the intermediate time horizon by purchasing essential supplies overseas and delivering them to Ukraine. This process takes up to a month due to logistic complications during the times of war. In contrast, our dual aid distribution approach targets both the immediate term and long-term time horizons for aid distribution to the Ukrainian people and focuses directly on local communities.

Immediate Term

Ordinary Ukrainians still have access to some locally produced food and essentials but they are lacking the funds to purchase them. We employ targeted small distributions of funds to Ukrainian organizations that are set up to purchase medicine and essential supplies locally and deliver them to soldiers and civilians. This fills the gap to cover immediate needs until the overseas supplies reach their destination in the intermediate term. It also eliminates the shipping cost and reduces the delivery time from a month to a couple days. We have established a process to confirm arrangements for local procurement and delivery of goods.

Long Term

The war in Ukraine will have long term devastating consequences. In order to help the Ukrainian people with post war recovery, part of our funds is allocated to long term aid deployment. The distributions will be made directly to local small-scale projects aimed at helping orphans, destroyed families and injured civilians with assistance, housing, education and basic needs.

About Us

United For Freedom Board consists of professionals with a wide range of experience, including law and business. We are committed to ensure that every dollar raised by the fund reaches its goals. The Board and our partners who are supporting the fund are doing so on completely voluntary basis and free of any compensation.

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